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O What is This Page?

This page contains links to various informations relating to Kanada's research in RWCP and other information, which is mainly public. Kanada's personal information, including biography and postal addresses, are described in another page. This collection is mainly for his personal use. However, some of them may be useful for you.

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O Kanada's Research Page

Kanada's Research Page contains links to the papers and other documents (in postscript or HTML formats) relating to Kanada's research, including links to separate pages on CCM* (Chemical Casting Model -- a model for emergent computation) and RACA (Randomized Asynchronous Cellular Automata), and including information on Vector Processing of Logic Programming or Symbol Processing, which was his previous task. Kanada's Research Page contains a list of recent papers (including a Fuzzy Constraint Satisfaction Paper)* and links to a report on recent research results*, an updated hypertext version of the paper given at Programming Symposium '92 (in Japanese) and the paper given at Summer Programming Symposium '92 (in Japanese). This page also contains links to Kanada's new Research Plan page (and What's Next page), but these pages are only available in TRC.

O Kanada's Miscellaneous Tasks Page

Kanada's Miscellaneous Tasks Page contains links to the documents relating to Kanada's miscellaneous tasks (when he was in Tsukuba Research Center, RWCP), including RWC Workshop Documents, Conference Reports (in Japanese), and so on. The workshop documents include RWC PKA Workshop Page, which contains several workshops of RWCP. This page also contains the conference reports include IPSJ 49th National Conference, Complex Systems 3 at Kyoto University, and so on.

O Research Database Page

Research Database Page contains links to research-related information, including CFPs, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Artificial Life (AL) and Complex Systems (CS), Evolutionary Computation (EC), Neural Networks (NN), Operations Research (OR), Programming and Languages (PL) (including links to Programming for Parallel and High-performance Computing (HPC), Lisps and Editors and Utilities (EU), Operating Systems (OS), Software (SW) and Hardware (HW) Products, Computer Communication and Network (CN), Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC), Information Retrieval (IR), Multimedia (MM), System Sciences (SS), Mathematics (MA), Physics, and so on. This page also contains links to Bookstores and Publishers (BP), Online Catalogues of Paper Libraries (OC), Online Libraries and Publications (OL), including Online Books (OB), Magazines and Journals (MJ), Newspapers (NP), and so on, and information on Hypermedia, including links to Xanadu Project and ``As we may think'' by V. Bush (See below for WWW). This page also contains links to a list of Scientific Societies, and other Organizations, and so on.

O World Wide Web and Internet Database Page

World Wide Web and Internet Database Page contains WWW and Internet Information edited by Kanada. This page includes News, Introductory Items on WWW and Internet, and Links to Internet Server List, links to separate pages on Browsers (including information on Netscape and HotJava), Search Engines and Robots, and information on other Tools. This page also includes links to separate pages on Documents on HTML and Business and Shopping on WWW and Internet.

O Macintosh Database Page

Macintosh Database Page contains links to Public Domain Softwares, On-line Magazines for Macintosh, a link to a separated page on Info-Mac Archives, and so on. Macintosh is both Kanada's tool for jobs and a hobby.

O Music Page

Music Page contains information especially on classical and contemporary music and computer music. This page contains a link to Composer List Page,* which contains information on more than 300 classical and contemporary composers. This page also contains information on compact discs (CDs) and laserdiscs (LDs) on classical and comtemporary music. Music is Kanada's hobby, not a job at all.

O The Great Hanshin Earthquake Page

I develop WWW pages titled ``The Great Hanshin (Kobe) Earthquake -- Information Volunteers and Computer Networks --'' (which is a mirror version. the original version).* These pages are written in Japanese, but an English version will be available soon. These pages contain information on the Great Hanshin Earthquake, which occurred on January 17, 1995. The focuses of these pages are computer networks and the information volunteers, who helped the sufferers using computer networks (the original), and the information broadcasted from Kobe to the world or from the world on the earthquake using WWW (the original). The information in these pages are collected personally by the author. These pages also contain links to the materials on the earthquake, such as news archives (the original). I hope these pages are helpful for investigating possible future disasters and volunteer activities. To compile information on the earthquake is a kind of information volunteer.

The Great Hanshin (Kobe) Earthquake Page contains the source information used in the above pages. This page contains a link to Computer Networks and Volunteers Page, which contains information on the information volunteers in the area, and a link to Kanada's InterVnet Page. InterVnet is an infrastructure that connects volunteers among the Internet and many personal computer networks (BBSs).

O Miscellaneous Information

Y. Kanada (Send comments to kanada @ trc.rwcp.or.jp)