Research-related Database

This page contains links to research-related knowledges for Kanada's hesearch.
Created: 10/12/94, Modified: 4/16/96.

See also: [Kanada's research themes]. [Kanada's home page in English (a parent page)], [Kanada's home page in Japanese (a parent page)].

Note: This database is mainly for Kanada's research, but it may be useful for others.

O Libraries

This section contains meta-catalogues and catalogues of both online and paper libraries (on research-related articles and general articles). This section should be restructured!

O Artificial Intelligence and Operations Research

O Basic Computer Sciences

o Indices and General Information

o Miscellaneous

O Computer Systems

O Hypermedia and Multimedia

O Miscellaneous Topics on Computers and Applications

O System Sciences

System Science page contains online journals on System Sciences, etc.

O Mathematics

Mathematics page contains links to mathematical articles.

O Physics

O Miscellaneous

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