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O Artificial Intelligence and Internet

O Artificial Intelligence

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O Artificial Life, Complex Systems and Cellular Automata

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O Evolutionary Computation

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O Conferences on Parallel Processing and High-Performance Computing

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O International Conferences

  • HPDC'95: 4th IEEE Int. Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing, Deadline: 2/3/95
  • PARCO'95 (PS, Text, Secondary copy), Deadline: 1/31/95, Gent, Belgium
  • Euro-Par'95, merges the two international conferences on parallel processing: PARLE and CONPAR-VAPP.
  • ICPP'95 (Secondary copy), Deadline: 1/10/95, Pennsylvania State University
  • ICS'95: ACM Int. Conf. on Supercomputing (Secondary copy), Deadline: 12/20/94, Barcelona, Spain.
  • PPoPP '95: 5th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming, Deadline: 12/16/94, Santa Barbara, CA, 7/19-21/95.
  • ICA3PP'95 (Secondary copy), Deadline: 10/15/94, Brisbane, Australia
  • IPPS'95 (Secondary copy), Deadline: 9/20/94, Santa Barbara, CA

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    O Conferences on Programming and Languages

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    O Conferences on World-Wide Web, Internet and Hypermedia

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    O INET: Annual Conferences of the Internet Society

    INET is held by the Internet Society.

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    O Conferences on Hypertext, Hypermedia and Multimedia

    O Digital Library, Electronic Publishing and Document Processing

    O Digital Library Conferences


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    O Human Interface

    O System Sciences, Cybernetics

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    O Miscellaneous Conferences on System Sciences

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