The Great Hanshin (Kobe) Earthquake

o This page is a collection of information on the Great Hanshin Earthquake (``Hanshin Dai-Shinsai'' in Japanese), whose formal name by the Weather Agency is the South Hyogo Earthquake. The disaster caused by the earthquake is called the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake Disaster by the Japanese government.
o The information in this page has been collected personally by Y. Kanada, but not supported by RWCP.
o The main focus of this page is (will be) the role of computer networks in the emergency.

!! A more readable page on the earthquake is available (but written in Japanese).

!! Look at East Japan Earthquake Support Information Blog for this earthquake (but written in Japanese).

Created: 2/2/1995, Modified: 3/27/2011.

See also: [Sakhalin earthquake page (in Osaka)], [Kanada's home page in English], [Kanada's home page in Japanese].


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(From ``South Hyogo Earthquake Information Resources'')

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O Computer Networks and Volunteers

The Page of the Computer Networks in the Emergency and/or for Volunteers includes information on InterVnet and other Organizations related to the Information Volunteers for Great Hanshin Earthquake and others.

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