Computer Networks and Volunteers

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Created: 3/18/95, Modified: 5/29/95.

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O InterVnet

See Kanada's InterVnet Page.

O Organizations

o Indices and General Information

o Shinsai-Net (?) -- Networks Organized by the Governments

o IVN -- The Inter Volunteer Network

o Information Volunteer Group (c/o Shimizu (

o VAG and VAC -- Volunteer Assist Group / Center

o Quake-VG

o WNN -- World NGO Network

o Other Organizations

O Roles of Computer Network

o Usefulness of PC Network

o Proposal for 811 Emergency Communications

(From Proposal for 811 Emergency Communications by Eli M. Noam and Harumasa Sato)

O Mailing Lists Related to (Earthquake) Volunteers

  • Currently Suspended MLs
    1. eqinfo
    3. MLs Temporarily Used for the Earthquake
      1. young-phys
      2. infotalk
      3. niigata-inet

        O Miscellaneous

        Y. Kanada (Send comments to