Search Engines and Robots for WWW and Internet

!! A Brief Introduction to WWW Search Engines (in Japanese)


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o WWW Page Search

o Miscellaneous Search

Indices and General Information


Meta Search

oAutomatic Meta Search -- Multi-server Search

oManual Meta Search

Robot-based WWW Searching in Japan

Other WWW Searching in Japan

WWW Searching (International)

Internet Searchers Except WWW

Individual Search Engines

o Lycos

Lycos is a search engine being developed by Cenger for Machine Translation, Carnegie Mellon University.

o Harvest

Harvest was designed by and built by the Internet Research Task Force Research Group on Resource Discovery (IRTF-RD), supported primarily by the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA)

o JumpStation

JumpStation is a robot-based search engine, and was developed by J. Fletcher.

o InfoSeek

o Fish Search

Fish serarch is a robot-based search engine for NCSA Mosaic

Verifiers of Web Links

Verifiers that searches wrong links are given.

Information Filtering Agents

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Acknowledgment: The sources of the information are the WWW FAQ, Computer-Mediated Communication Magazine 1:5, and the Harvest home page, and so on.
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Created: 10/19/94, Modified: 11/5/97.