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SIP/SIMPLE-based Conference Room Management Method for the Voice Communication Medium "voiscape"

Kanada, Y., Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium 2005 (APNOMS 2005), September 2005.

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Abstract: A method for conference-room management for an auditory-virtual-space-based voice-communication medium called voiscape and a voice-communication system prototype called VPII, which used this method, were developed. With this method, conference rooms (called sound rooms) are managed through SIP and SIMPLE (a presence-related event-notification mechanism). A user can not only obtain a room list and enter (select) or exit from a room, but can also create, modify, or delete rooms by SIMPLE messaging. Rooms, users, and objects are managed by their "soft state"; i.e., they are deleted when a time out occurs. Users are informed of room membership, presence of a user, e.g., location and direction in the room, and presence of an object in the room by SIMPLE messaging, i.e., by SUBSCRIBE, NOIFY, and PUBLISH requests. To reduce the messaging overhead, the partial notification mechanism of SIMPLE is used in VPII.

Introduction to this research theme: voiscape

Keywords: SIMPLE, SIP, Session Initiation Protocol, voiscape, Conference room management, Sound room management

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