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Computation of Spatialization and Reverberation For A Virtual "Sound Room" Based Communication-Medium Called voiscape

Kanada, Y., Technical Committee on Electrical Acoustics (EA), Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), June 2005.

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Abstract: We are developing a communication medium called voiscape, which enables taking to people while selecting persons to talk by moving in a virtual "sound room". In the second prototype of voiscape called VPII, the FIR Method is used for low-delay HRTF filtering, the sound room - the range of motion - is identified with the room in acoustical cal-culation, and early reflections by the sound room walls are simulated. The early reflections produce out-of-head sound lo-calization and sound distance expression. We also implemented motion-tracking and interpolation algorithms into the spatialization method. VPII enabled a voice communication environment, in which speaker identification is easy, multiple conversation-contexts can be created in a room, and motions of users and objects in a sound room are natural and causes only small noises.

Introduction to this research theme: voiscape

Keywords: HRTF, Head-Related Transfer Function, voiscape, Early reflection, Reverberation, Virtual-motion tracking, Feeling of distance, Out-of-head localization, Virtual communication space, Virtual communication place, Virtual place, Voice communication, Spatial audio, 3-D audio, 3D audio, 3-dimensional audio, Three-dimensional audio, Spatial sound, 3-D sound, 3D sound, 3-dimensional sound, Three-dimensional sound

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