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Simulated Virtual Market Place By Using voiscape Communication Medium

Kanada, Y., 13th ACM International Conference on Multimedia, pp. 794-795, November 2005, http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/1101149.1101319

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Abstract: We are developing a new voice communication medium called voiscape. Voiscape enables natural and seamless bi-directional voice communication by using sound to create a virtual sound room. In a sound room, people can feel others' direction and dis-tance expressed by spatial sounds with reverberations, and they can move freely by using a map of the room. Voiscape enables multi-voice-conversations. In a virtual market place that will be realized by voiscape, people can not only buy goods or information but also enjoy talking with merchants and people there. In this demo, a vois-cape prototype called VPII is used for realizing such an environ-ment. Unfortunately, because prerecorded voices are used in this demo, the participants cannot talk with merchants. However, the participants can talk each other with small end-to-end latency (less than 200 ms) and will feel the atmosphere of the virtual market place. Prerecorded people and merchants talk each other in English, Japanese and Chinese in parallel and with crossovers, and partici-pants can virtually walk among them and can selectively listen one voice or hear multiple voices at once.

Introduction to this research theme: voiscape

Keywords: voiscape, Demonstration, Virtual communication space, Virtual communication place, Virtual market place, Virtual place, Virtual space, Multi-voice conversation, Voice communication

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