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January 1, 0001

tetu_bn_161.gif Most of my book reviews are written only in Japanese. I collect book reviews submitted to Amazon.com here, and collect ones to Amazon.JP and BK1.JP and writings on books in book reviews category page (書評・読書カテゴリー). However, because this page became too long, I created subcategory pages that correspond to other pages in this blog, i.e., Web and Internet (Web とインターネット)Art, Events, and Entertainment (アート・イベント・エンターテイメント)Interface, Amenity, and Design (インタフェース,アメニティとデザイン)Thought, Philosophy, and Religion (思想・哲学・宗教)Politics, Law, and Constitution (政治・法律・憲法)Education and Learning (教育と学習)History (歴史)Environment (環境)Life (生活)Intellectual literacy (知的生産とリテラシー)Sociology and Economics (社会・経済)Language, Communication, and Networking (言語・コミュニケーションとネットワーキング)Security and Privacy protection (秘密・プライバシー保護とセキュリティ)Computation and Programming (計算・プログラミング).

BTW, as shown on the top of the category page, the submission date of this page is intentionally set 0001-01-01 00:00:00. However, the actual submission date is 2009-01-18 11:37:35.

November 27, 2006

Chapter 1 of this book is a short and nice introduction to C# for programming language experts. However, the following chapters are not easy to understand even for experts. You can download a newer version of "C# Language Specification" (a standard from ECMA but whose content is mostly the same as this book) free. Do you still want to buy this book?


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