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January 1, 0001

MuleWin32.jpg This category and this category in the Japanese version of my blog contains topics on small-scale to large-scale programming, programming languages, and compilers. The upper category is Information, Computation and Programming.

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June 9, 2008


In 1981, I chose “linguistics of programming languages” or “programming linuistics” for the theme of my graduate thesis. This was a trial to analyze programming languages by using the methodology of linguistics (of natural languages). I wrote a brief introduction to this work on a Web page in English. A scientist looked at this page and wanted to introduce this work in a tutorial in a workshop. So I wrote another Web page that contain an English abstract and contents. Because I wanted to introduce this paper since I started this blog, I try to write on this topic here. [The Japanese version of this page was written in September 2007, but I translated it to English in June 2008.]


[ 対応する日本語のページ ]

I wrote that I received an inquiry from a French on “Programming Linguistics” that I proposed in my graduate thesis in a blog article titled “Linguistics of programming languages ― now an inquiry on my graduate thesis came from France”. Yesteday I received another inquiry from a Japanese, and I searched for related work. As I wrote in the above article, there have been a few studies on programs regarded as human-written linguistic expressions. However, in this time, I found a paper by Masaru Ohba and Katsuhiko Gondow, which analyzes the strudture of identifiers.



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