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Google's ranking by my research keywords

Recently, I tried to search Google with various keywords related to my reesearch themes. I found Google shows my Web pages at very high ranks. I also found that it shows unexpected pages of mine at higher ranks.

It is natural that my pages come first when searching with a keyword like voiscape, which is my coined word. However, even if I searched with general words like "axis search", I saw my axis-specified search related pages on the first page (as the third item). Recently, I tried to add keywords to my Web pages. But, until one month ago, I had not been very concious about keywords in my Web pages. Probably because of Google's policy to treat non-commercial cites preferencially, my pages are ranked high without paying any money nor much attention.

When I used "asynchronous cellular automaton" or just "asynchronous cellular" as keywords, my pages, including Randomized Asynchronous Cellular Automata (RACA), are ranked sixth or seventh. I was not sure why Wikipedia's page on Asynchronous Cellular Automaton (which mentioned to my small work) was not on the first page (but it came first in the second page). I could use a more specific word "RACA", then my research theme page on RACA in Japanese was shown as the sixth item, but the corresponding English page was not on this page.

If I use "local information computation", some of my Chemical-Computation Model (CCM) related pages came first. However, I could not access this research theme page (top page) easily.

My pages on "Self-reproduction of Web pages" was ranked sixth even if I used a general word "self-reproduction". Although the title of this page is in English, the content is in Japanese. So you have to click a link on this page to access the English page.

If I use keywords such as "logic vector processing", "logic vectorization", "Prolog vectorization", or "symbol vector processing", I could found Logic/Symbolic Vector Processing related pages. However, the pages that came first varies according to the keyword combination.

By the way, although I can find my pages at high rank, often unexpected pages come first. So I need some adjustment. That means, in Movable Type, I cannot specify the format of pages that are displayed when people follow the links attached to the tags. That's why I use the original page design for such tag search pages. People may be puzzled when they see such pages because such tag search pages contain Japanese characters and do not contain appropriate links. I am not yet sure how I can solve this problem.

I wrote on search results using Japanese keywords in this entry in my Japanese blog. I found Japanese search results are more useful and stable because research theme pages came first. It is not very easy to use English search results.

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