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CCM: Chemical-Computation Model


What is CCM?

CCM (Chemical Casting Model, or Chemical-Computation Model) is a model for emergent computation. CCM works only with local information, i.e., each reaction (unit action) in CCM refers only a few data, and there is no global plan (i..e., no program) for the computation. CCM is based on a production system (a type of rule-based computation method), which is similar to chemical reaction systems (rather than conventional production systems used for developing expert systems). Two features of CCM are as follows.

  • CCM works with locally-defined evaluation functions, which is called local order degrees.
  • The order of reactions (rule applications) is random (or, stochastic or non-deterministic). Randomness is a source of emergence.

In addition, catalysts do not change by reactions but affects the reaction velocity, a type of tunneling effect is caused by reaction rule composition, and annealing-like effects are caused by Frustration Accumulation Method (FAM).

CCM-related Documents

I initially called this model "Chemical Programming Model". However, to stress the difference from conventional programming, I renamed it CCM. The "C" in the center was the capital of "Casting"; I used this word to stress the difference from computation using a program. However, now I think it should be the capital of "Computation" because it is more understandable.

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