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A Virtual "Sound Room" Based Communication-Medium Called Voiscape

Kanada, Y., Technical Committee on Multimedia and Virtual Environment (MVE), Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), October 2003.

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Abstract: The concept of a new communication medium called voiscape is proposed. A virtual "sound room" that is based on the spatial audio technology is shared among the users in voiscape, and a person can move freely in the room, can meet and depart from other people, and can talk with two or more persons by using voiscape. By enabling transmission of presence and peripheral information, voiscape will cover from a telephone-style one-to-one conversation to a variety of communication types that are impossible in conventional media, and will enable sharing the feeling of connection and releaf and sharing tacit knowledge. This paper describes usage scenes and a procedure of voiscape and also describes a PC-based prototype. In this prototype, the user can confirm the situation in front by 3D graphics, and can move around the room by using a mouse.

Introduction to this research theme: voiscape

Keywords: Conference room management, Sound room management, voiscape, Virtual communication space, Virtual communication place, Virtual space, Virtual place, Multi-voice conversation, Voice communication, Spatial audio, 3-D audio, 3D audio, 3-dimensional audio, Three-dimensional audio, Spatial sound, 3-D sound, 3D sound, 3-dimensional sound, Three-dimensional sound

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