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An Implementation of a Virtual "Sound Room" Based Communication-Medium Called Voiscape Using JMF and Java 3D

Kanada, Y., Distributed Processing Systems SIG, Information Processing Society of Japan, March 2004.

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Abstract: The author researches toward establishing voice communication media called voiscape which shall replace telephone. A virtual "sound room" that is created by spatial audio technology is used in voiscape. We developed a prototype on PCs, in which 3-D graphic is used for supplementing spatial autio. In this prototype, JMF (Java Media Framework) was used for voice capturing and communication, and Java 3D was used for spatial audio and 3-D graphics. Before the development, the author had believed that the basic functions required for the prototype would be realized by connecting these APIs. However, in fact, they cannot be connected directly, so we used OpenAL through the interface of Java 3D. We also encountered problems of sound quality degradation and delay, but they have been almost solved by refining the program by trial and error.

Introduction to this research theme: voiscape

Keywords: JMF, Java, Java 3D, Java Media Framework, OpenAL, Open AL, voiscape, Sound room, Spatial audio, 3-D audio, 3D audio, 3-dimensional audio, Spatial sound, 3-D sound, 3D sound, 3-dimensional sound, Three-dimensional sound, Voice communication, Multi-voice conversation

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