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Policy-Based Session Control in a Virtual "Sound Room" Based Communication-Medium Called Voiscape

Kanada, Y., Technical Committee on Internet Architecture (IA), Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE), October 2003.

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Abstract: As part of research toward establishing voice communication media that shall replace telephone, we developed an architecture and a prototype of a continuously-connected multi-user communication medium called voiscape. A virtual "sound room" that is created by spatial audio technology is used in voiscape. When the user moves within the sound room by using a mouse, the presence information including the position in the room is distributed to other users of the room. If the user becomes closer to or more distant from another user, the communication session begins or ends automatically by using SIP according to predefined policy stored in the terminals. This policy-based session control enables privacy protection and reduction of communication. When a local site requires a session start, the remote site often requires a session start concurrently, so a method of establishing a connection without connecting doubly nor becoming busy was deviced.

Introduction to this research theme: voiscape

Keywords: voiscape, Voice communication, Multi-voice conversation, Virtual presence information, SIP, Session Initiation Protocol, Policy-based session control, Privacy protection, Virtual communication space, Virtual communication place

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