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World News of the Day
Keeping Baylor up on World News . Source site: Amdahl Hot Topics . INDEX . Computer Hacker caught through internet traces . Summer 1996 - Summer Olympic Games . February 14 1995 - Valentine's Day . February 3 1995 - Space Shuttle Launch . ...
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An American Visit to Japan, 1923
Chas. Blauvelt . 233 Broadway, New York City, U.S.A. . This is the diary kept by my grandfather on his visit to Japan from August 6 to September 10, 1923, an idyllic travelogue culminating in the cataclysmic Tokyo Earthquake and Fire. Aside ...
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Organizations . W&L Film Society . Career Information . Online Career and Job Center . newsgroup . Job Listings in the Federal Government (via Dartmouth) . Netlink Careers, Jobs and Employment Resources . Job Search and ...
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Seattle, The Emerald City [Seanet]
Seattle, The Emerald City . This logo indicates that an area has had new information or links added. Check out the marked areas to see what has changed in the Emerald City since your last visit. . Current Emerald City News (1/30/95): . ...
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Seismo-surfing the InterNet
Surfing the InterNet for Earthquake Data . Provided by: Steve Malone; Last updated Feb. 15, 1995 . The following are known InterNet type connections where seismic information of one kind or another is available. To get this index directly ...
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Japan Society of Connecticut Web Page
Welcome to the Japan-America Society of Connecticut Home Web Page . JASC Related Info.... . New Year's message from the President . Upcoming activities and events . "The Japan Experience 1995" A scholarship opportunity . ...
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WWW Servers in Japan
This is a list of WWW servers in Japan. Japanese version is here. . Please see how to send announcements of new servers (or modify your server's description) in Japan. (Sorry, now Japanese only)... . What's New in Japan. . Mirror WWW servers in ...
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Destination Highlights - Osaka - February 1995
Highlights-Events . Plum Blossom Viewing . 2-01-95 through 2-28-95 . February brings the flowering of these gorgeous red and white blossoms. Good places to admire the flowers are: Tenmangu Shrine, Tenjinbashi 1-chome, Kita-ku, tel. 353-0025. ...
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Seattle, The Emerald City [Seanet]
Seattle, The Emerald City . This logo indicates that an area has had new information or links added. Check out the marked areas to see what has changed in the Emerald City since your last visit. . Recent Emerald City News (1/30/95): . ...
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Internet Bulletin Board System . Serving Massachusetts K12 Educators and Students . University of Massachusetts Amherst WWW Server . UMassK12 Gopher . UMassK12 Users Home Pages . Kobe Earthquake Information Direct connections to Japan . ...
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Ehime University - INDEX
Welcome to EHIME UNIVERSITY . Informations about: . Ehime University . Ehime Prefecture . Ehime University School of Medicine (Home Page) . Winter Festivals at Ehime Prefecture . Other servers . Kobe Earthquake . Matsuyama ...
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BOOKMARK File of William H. Calvin
Public Bookmarks . William H. Calvin . . [Return to Calvin homepage] . [to Bookstore List]...[Neuro]..... [Not Necessarily Neuro]....[HTML-GIFs].... [Webware] . Decouverte d'une grotte ornee ...
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If you want to Cyber Surf or find something on the Web try my selection of Web Tools. Check the local traffic and weather by selecting Orange County Information. NASA, quake reports, physics papers and more are in my collection of Science ...
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Aerial Photos by GSI
Aerial Photos of Damaged Area . Here are 7 aerial photos taken by GSI. We have more than 1000 available. . (AIST provide 120 photos of the Kobe and Nishinomiya Regions for 20 Jan.) . More aerial photos taken on 11 Feb have been added to the ...
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Sean M. Burke
, . Class of 1995, Cal State Northridge . Hot Stuff on the Web: . CSUN's literary magazine, the Northrige Review. . Kobe City University Of Foreign Studies Home Page -- YES, where they did just have that earthquake. . "Surviving huey" -- my ...
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Yasusi Kanada's Home Page
! . The Japanese page is here. . Hanshin (Kobe) Earthquake page is here. . Created: 8/?/94, Modified: 2/14/95. . See also: [RWCP home page], [Kanada's RWCP page], [RWC People page], [RWC People Searcher]. . What is This Page? . This page ...
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NEWSLine Amateur Radio News, February 05 1995
Amateur Radio Newsline is produced as an audio service by Newsline, a service of the Westlink Radio Netowrk. The transcribed version is produced by Dale Cary, WD0AKO from materials provided by Newsline. and is jointly distributed to online ...
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Current Events and Information
Local Events . To post a local event, send email to . What's Happening Today . Campus Press: Calendar (updated weekly) . CULine Gopher: Activities . BCN Public Demo Schedule . 4th Annual Rocky Mountain Ragtime Festival ...
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The Subscribers of Kansai-Net
To add or change your data, you can now use this form . . Vincenzo Nardi-Dei, Italy, . Laboratory of Microbial Biochemistry . Institute for Chemical Research, . Kyoto-University, Uji-Campus . Uji-shi, ...
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New on the ClariNet Web Server
New on the ClariNet Web Server . 17 January 1995 . New newsgroup! ClariNet e.News customers now have access to a new newsgroup,, just for news about the recent major earthquake in Kobe, ...
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