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DJG Karlsruhe - Article in the Washington Post (eng)
German . Japanese . Society . Karlsruhe . Article in the Washington Post . The following article made my server pretty busy. . I have not asked yet the WP to allow me to show it here. So, please do not copy and redistribute. Anyone has some ...
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Information about Kansai EarthQuake
South-Hyogo Earthquake Information . Homepage written in English . Homepage written in Japanese . Snapshots in Kobe . Images from Asahi Broadcasting Corporation. . Information Hotline for Foreigners(English Only) . Hotline about ...
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Kobe Earthquake Page
Not loading images? Try here. . .
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Status Information from Kobe University
Information of safety of foreign students . News related to the earthquake provided by Faculty of Cross-clutural Studies, Kobe University WWW-Home Page .
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Kobe Quake Housing Page
Kobe Earthquake Homestay - UC Aid Project . This is a quake relief page sponsored in part by indivduals and the University of California in Asia. last update Feb 1, 1995 13:00 . EarthQuake News . More EarthQuake News . Housing Available Free ...
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M7.2 Mega-quake in Kobe
South Hyogo M7.2 Earthquake at Jan.17 1995 . Last Updated Jan.31 1995 JST . We express thanks to all peoples who gave us economic aid and moral support. . After Two Weeks in Kobe . - Many active faults(red lines) distributed in south Hyogo ...
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News related to the earthquake(Jan. 26)
The earthquake and the Safety of Students. [Tragic News] It is sad to inform you that 39 students and 2 staffs of Kobe University were killed by the earthquake. We would like to convey our sympathies to their families. [Students] The
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This is Information disaster of KOBE City.
We send out information on the disastrous earthquake . Japanese Page is here . There occurred a big earthquake in the southern part of Hyogo Prefecture at 5:46 on the morning of 17 January in 1995, and Kobe City was damaged to a great extent. ...
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Yaseppochi-gumi Home Page
Home of Yaseppochi-gumi . General info about the Yaseppochi-gumi 'quake server, including usage and uptime statistics and the FTP server's ls -lR index of 'quake documents are available. From February 2, service may be intermittent for several ...
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Earthquake in Japan
TOKYO, Japan - The Great Hanshin Earthquake, also known at first as the Southern Hyogo Prefecture Earthquake, struck near the city of Kobe in western Japan at 5:46 AM JST on January 17, 1995. The quake was the worst such disaster in Japan ...
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The City of Kobe Home Page
We had a severe earthquake. . Tue Jan 17 5:46am JST 1995 . Traffic in KOBE city is confused or stoped. This is Kobe City University of Foreign Studies. Our University has been slightly damaged. Some faculty and staff members have already come ...
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University of Portsmouth, School of Civil Engineering
23-Jan-95 . Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering, University of Portsmouth, UK. . Earthquake Information . Latest information on the Kobe earthquake . Sony earthquake info . Kobe City University of Foreign Studies . ...
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M7.2 Mega-quake in Kobe
M7.2 Earthquake occurred in Kobe at Jan.17 1995 . Last Updated Jan.18 1995 23:00 JST . PART2: News from Japanese TV Jan.18 22:00 JST . - Firing at Nagata-ku in Kobe last night . - Firing around the JR Kobe station today . - NHK TV news 22:00 ...
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The effects of south Hyogo earthquake on tourist travel
JNTO JAPAN NATIONAL TOURIST ORGANIZATION JATA Japan Association of Travel Agents February 10, 1995 Dear Sir or Madam: This letter has been prepared to provide you with up-to-date information on the effects of Japan's recent Great Hanshin Earthquake ...
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Bulletin Board(World Wide)
Bulletin Board(from Kobe University) . South Hyogo Earthquake(17-Jan-1995) . Back to Kobe-u home page
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Karsten Mosig's Home Page
Last modified: Feb. 23 1995 . Welcome to my Home Page, that's me. . It is still under construction and therefore lacks a lot of information. . These Options are available: . >>Great Hanshin Earthquake . Information mainly from Kobe ...
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Hot News on Earthquakes from the U.S.G.S. in Menlo Park, CA
This is a spot where we provide links to information on recent large events. You should also check in our current earthquakes page. . The Kobe Earthquake . Now officially called the Hyougo-ken Nanbu earthquake . NEW ADDITIONS . 1/26 The ...
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South Hyogo Earthquake Information
On 17th, 5:45 a.m. (JST) we had a tremendous big earthquake at Kobe, Hyogo prefecture. . in Japanese . WWW servers for the Earthquake Information mirrored here . List of the deceased . This is also available in English format. . ...
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Academical Information (South Hyogo Earthquake)
Academical Information related to South Hyogo Earthquake . Japanese Home Page (Shift JIS) . Information list . Kobe Research Information Support Service (KRISS) . Information Center of The Hyogo-ken Nanbu Earthquake . Kyoto University . ...
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Relief Groups
According to newspaper and television announcements, the following @ locations accept contributions to help victims of the Hyogo earthquake: . 1. Japan Red CrossARelief Section: Shibadaimon 1-1-3 Minato-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 2. Kobe City Disaster ...
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