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Federation-less-federation of Network-virtualization Platforms

Kanada, Y., Tarui, T., and Shiraishi, K., IFIP/IEEE International Symposium on
Integrated Network Management (IM 2013)
, 2013-5.
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要約: A method for federating multiple network-virtualization platforms by creating and managing slices (virtual networks) is proposed. A cross-domain slice can be created, deleted, or modified by sending a slice specification to the domain controller (network manager) of one domain. The specification is then propagated to other domains. Two chal­lenges were addressed while this method was developed. The first challenge is to enable federation among multiple domains that do not support federation functions by only adding a few components without modification of the existing network-virtualization-platform architecture. A domain-dependent specification of a slice, containing a pseudo virtual node that encloses a part of the slice specification in the other domains, is used, and this part is handled by a proxy node that represents another domain and a control component that implements a federation API to create a cross-domain slice. The second challenge is to enable manageable non-IP (arbitrary-format) data communication on a cross-domain slice. For an inter-domain communication, underlay VLAN parameters including MAC addresses are negotiated in advance and data packets on a slice are tunneled between gateways in these domains. The proposed federation method was implemented on two network-virtualization platforms, federation between two homogeneous domains was successfully demonstrated, federation perfor­mance was measured, and several issues on functional restrictions and implementation difficulty were found.

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