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SNMP-based QoS Programming Interface MIB for Routers

Kanada, Y., Ikezawa, M., Miyake, S., and Atarashi, Y., draft-kanada-diffserv-qospifmib-00.txt, Internet Draft, November 1999.

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要約: This document describes a QoS PIF MIB (Quality-of-Service Programming-Interface Management-Information-Base) to be used as an SNMP-based programming interface for routers. This MIB is intended to be a programming interface for router QoS functions, especially DiffServ-related [RFC2475] functions including packet scheduling (queuing), dropping, and metering that must be modular and concisely described. Traffic-conditioning rules and metering rules for DiffServ-related functions are defined modularly by using "virtual flow labels" and exclusive conditions in rules, and new classifications for packet-scheduling and packet-dropping functions are introduced. This document focuses on satisfying the requirements on programming interfaces or programming languages for router control. Thus, the focus is different from that of DiffServ MIB [DSMIB] or QoS PIB [QoSPIB].

研究テーマ紹介: ポリシーにもとづくネットワーキング

キーワード: IETF, Management Information Base, QoS MIB, インターネット・ドラフト, 仮想フローラベル, SNMP, Simple Network Management Protocol



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