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A Method of Geographical Name Extraction from Japanese Text for Thematic Geographical Search

Kanada, Y., 18th International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM'99), pp. 46-54, November 1999.

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要約: A text retrieval method called the thematic geographical search method has been developed and applied to a Japanese encyclopedia called the World Encyclopedia. In this method, the user specifies a search theme using free words, then obtains a sorted list of excerpts and references to encyclopedia sentences that contain geographical names. Using this list, the user can open maps that indicate the location of the names. To generate an index of names for this searching, a method of geographical name extraction has been developed. In this method, geographical names are extracted, matched to names in a geographical name database, and identified. Geographical names, however, often have several types of ambiguities. Ambiguities are resolved using context analysis and several other techniques. As a result, the precision of extracted names is more than 96% on average. This method depends on features of the Japanese language, but the strategy and most of the techniques can be applied to texts in English or other languages.

研究テーマ紹介: 軸づけ検索 (テーマ検索)

キーワード: テキスト検索, 軸づけ検索, 軸付け検索, テーマ地図検索, テーマ地名検索, 地域軸検索, 百科事典検索, 地名情報抽出, 情報組織化, 検索結果組織化, 組織化検索, 整列, 検索結果構造化, 構造化検索



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