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SOOC-94: An Experimental Language toward Building Real-World Computing Systems

Kanada, Y., not yet published, 1994.

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Abstract: Today's computer applications often require on-line input and output and sometimes requires change of computation methods while processing complex tasks. In future, they will probably be required to change even the objectives of computation. Such a new style of information processing is called real-world computing in the present paper. Real-world computing requires computation languages to work without fixed sequence of control nor fixed data flow, to work without a whole plan of computation, to be always open to environment at any time, to have possibility of distributed and parallel processing, to have possibility to respond to nondeterministic actions, and so on. Because today's programming languages are considered not to satisfy these requirements, a new computation model called CCM (chemical casting model) and a language called SOOC-94, which partially satisfies the requirements, are developed as the first step. Computation is regarded as biased random walk in CCM. The random walk is realized by a randomly acting forward-chaining production system, and the bias is realized by locally computed evaluation functions in SOOC-94. I have developed a preliminary version of compiler and interpreter, and analyzed the computation processes and results of graph coloring problems for example.

Introduction to this research theme: CCM: Chemical-Computation Model

Keywords: CCM, SOOC, Computation language, Emergent computation, Randomized computation, Randomized problem solving, Rule-based computation, Rule-based problem solving

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