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The Features and Implementation of SOOC: A Language for Emergent Computation -- Using the Magic Square Problem for An Example --

Kanada, Y., SIG Note of Symbol Processing, Information Processing Society of Japan, 94-SYM-75-5, pp. 31-38, 1994, Published by IPSJ.

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Abstract: A computation model called CCM was proposed by the author. CCM is developed toward establishing a problem solving methodology based on emergent computation, which is open to continually varying environment. CCM is a production system with evaluation functions, which are computed using only local information, and CCM works randomly. A computational language called SOOC-94 is used for experiments based on CCM. The features and implementation of SOOC-94 are explained using the magic square problem as an example. The features of SOOC-94 are that the automatic computation of evaluation functions and automatic local backtracking are taken place when applying a rule, that the syntax of the patterns in LHS and RHS are almost unified, the existence of two scheduling strategies, especially the random strategy, on the order of rule applications, that the existence of same name elements in a datum (structure) is allowed, and so on.

Introduction to this research theme: CCM: Chemical-Computation Model

Keywords: CCM, SOOC, Computation language, Emergent computation, Randomized computation, Randomized problem solving, Rule-based computation, Rule-based problem solving, Production rule, Production system, Local evaluation function, Magic square

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