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US Patent Electronic Library insists unusable TIFF

Sometimes I have to look at US patends. In such oppotunities, I usually look at the Web site of the US Patent Office first. However, when I look at patent descriptions, I need a TIFF viewer. Every time I want to do so, I fail to look at them! Why do they use unusable TIFF?!

I have never found a usable TIFF viewer. I tried trial versions of charged TIFF viewers, and I found that the viewers worked in an expected way. However, they are so unpopular that I failed to use it next time because I had replaced the OS (Windows) by a newer version. I did not want to pay for such a minor and thus unusable software. If there were more chances to use a TIFF viewer, I would want to buy and to install a TIFF Viewer. However, there were no such needs.

When I want to see a patent description at the US Patent Office, the Web browser recommend installing the Quick Time. I can use it at no expense, so I have already installed it. However, US patents cannot be displayed using Quick Time at least in my environment! The Quick Time is invoked, but the screen is kept to be pure white. In addition, when I tried to change Quick Time parameters to show patent pages, the window of the newly invoked Internet Explorer, which should show the parameters, is kept to be white again. What happened!?

Anyway, I must write that the user interface of the US Patent Office is very much inconvenient. The electronic library of Japanese patents was as inconvenient as the US's several years ago, but now we can download Japanese patents as PDF documents. The patent search is not the best, but it is far more convenient to download patents.



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Both US and Japanese patent search is difficult. I don't understand why can they make this whole search process a little easier on us.

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