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Rebuilding the Internet

Current internet has not experienced ideal development. Various issues were solved in the historical situation and power politics. As same as the difficulty in changing government organization and system, it is difficult to change the structure of the established Internet (and internet); however I believe the Internet (and internet), which is going to be more and more complex, must be simplified in some chance. Development of network virtualization will probably make a good chance. Therefore, I re-categorize some of my research into a theme named "rebuilding the Internet".

"Rebuilding the Internet" is a very big research theme, and my previous researches are very small part of it. I studied creating a protocol that should replace IP and/or Ethernet (IPEC). As a result of this research, I found that, although they have weak points, they are well designed, and it is difficult to create a protocol that is superior to them. So I next try to show a solution to the problems of IP/Ethernet, a popular combination of IP and Ethernet (IPON). People seemed to be favorable to IPON so far. So I will write more on this theme. (A more detailed explanation can be found in a blog article.)

The papers can be accessed from here.


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