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Active Networks, Policy-based Networking, and QoS Guarantee

What is this research?

In the active network research, my goal is to make programmable and virtualized netwroks, i.e., to create networks that each user can program and use as his own network.

Complex computer and communication systems require complex policies. In the policy-based networking research, I studied methods of combining (composing) policies, or I studied component-based policies.

I have also studied methods of (policy-based) QoS guarantee (especially, Diffserv) on IP networks.

Network virtualization

Papers are available here.

Papers on networking and QoS

Papers are available here.

Active Networks, Policy-based Networking and QoS Assurance

This page explaines active networks and the relationships between the above three issues.

Keywords: Policy-based networking, Policy-based management, QoS guarantee, QoS assurance, Component-based policy, Policy components, Policy combination, Policy server, Active networks

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