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Multi-Context Voice Communication In A SIP/SIMPLE-Based Shared Virtual Sound Room With Early Reflections

Kanada, Y., 15th ACM International Workshop on Network and Operating System Support for Digital Audio and Video (NOSSDAV 2005), pp. 45-50, June 2005, http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/1065983.1065996

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要約: An improved prototype of the "voiscape" voice communication medium has been developed and subjectively evaluated. Voiscape enables natural and seamless voice communication by using sound to create a virtual "sound room" in which people, who are repre-sented by different sounds, can move freely. It features low-delay motion-tracking spatial audio with simulated early reflections that produce out-of-head sound localization and sound distance expression. It also features virtual-location-based selective communication: a user can walk freely in the sound room using a map- and cursor-key-based user-interface and can select whom to talk to or which sound sources to listen to. A third feature is SIP-presence-event-notification (SIMPLE)-based sound room management: when users move, their locations and directions are distributed using SIP SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY messages. The combination of these features creates a natural voice-communication space in which two or more parallel conversation contexts can coexist. Limited, subjective testing by around 200 people showed that this medium can be used for cocktail-party-like conversation; i.e., users could distinguish parallel conversations by paying attention to or by moving toward one of them.

研究テーマ紹介: voiscape

キーワード: SIMPLE, SIP, Session Initiation Protocol, voiscape, 会議室管理, 初期反射, 残響, 仮想移動追跡, 音室管理, 仮想コミュニケーション空間, 仮想コミュニケーション場, 音声会話, 多声会話, 立体音響, 3次元オーディオ, 三次元オーディオ, 3Dオーディオ, 3次元サウンド, 三次元サウンド, 3Dサウンド, 3D音響, 3次元音響, 三次元音響, 仮想空間, 仮想の場所, 仮想場, バーチャル空間, ヴァーチャル空間, バーチャル・スペース, ヴァーチャル・スペース, バーチャル・プレース, バーチャル・プレイス, バーチャルスペース, ヴァーチャルスペース, バーチャルプレース, バーチャルプレイス



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