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Fuzzy Constraint Satisfaction Using CCM -- A Local Information Based Computation Model

Kanada, K., Fuzz-IEEE/IFES '95, pp. 2319-2326, 1995.

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要旨 (英語のみ) : A method of solving fuzzy constraint satisfaction problems defined by Ruttkay is shown in the present paper. This method is based on CCM, which is a computation model for emergent computation or for locality-based problem solving. CCM is a type of production system. It works stochastically, or randomly, and works with evaluation functions that are computed only with local information. CCM has been applied to constraint satisfaction problems (CSPs). Binary-valued evaluation functions, each of which indicates whether a constraint is satisfied, are used. If the values of evaluation functions are extended to real values, fuzzy CSPs can be expressed in CCM, and solved using a technique similar to GSAT or annealing. This method is applied to a fuzzy graph coloring problem, and the performance is evaluated. This method can also be applied to an open and dynamical fuzzy/non-fuzzy CSPs, in which data and constraints are changing dynamically or coming from or going to the outside of the system.

研究テーマ紹介: CCM: 化学的計算のモデル

キーワード: CCM, ファジー制約充足, ランダム化計算, ランダム化問題解決, ランダマイズド計算, ランダマイズド問題解決, 規則ベース計算, 規則ベース問題解決, ルールベース計算, ルールベース問題解決, 局所情報, 局所的計算, 局所評価関数



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