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“3D Turtle Graphics” by 3D Printers

Kanada, Y., IPSJ Summer Programming Symposium 2014 (in Japanese), 2014-8
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English version of this paper (IJERA)

skewedPyramid.jpgAbstract: When creating forms by using a 3D printer, usually, a static (declarative) model designed by using a 3D CAD system is translated and sent to the printer. However, widely-used FDM-type 3D printers inputs a dynamical (procedural) program that describes control of motions of the print head and extrusion of the filament. If the program is expressed by a programming language or a library in a straight manner, 3D objects can be created by a method similar to turtle graphics. Such a library, “turtle 3D printing” library, which is open-source, was described by Python and used (tried). Although this problem has a problem that it cannot print in the air; however, if this problem is solved by an appropriate method, shapes drawn by 3D turtle graphics can be embodied by this method.

Introduction to this research theme: 3D shape formation technologies

Keywords: 3D printing, Three-dimensional printing, Solid Free-form Fabrication, SFF, Fused deposition modeling, FDM, Additive Manufacturing, 3D turtle graphics, Turtle graphics

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