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Address-Translation-Based Network Virtualization

Kanada, Y., and Tarui, T., 10th International Conference on Networks (ICN 2011), 2011-1-24.

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Abstract: Two network-virtualization architectures, namely, network segmentation and network paging, were investigated. They are analogical to two memory-virtualization architectures: segmentation and paging. Network paging, which is relatively new and is based on a type of network-address translation (NAT), is focused on. This architecture requires smaller packet size and has several more advantages over the conventional architecture (i.e., network segmentation). Intranet- and extranet- type communication methods based on this architecture are described. An address translators is placed at each edge router in the WAN and used to evaluate client-server communication under wide-area virtual-machine (VM) live migration as a case of extranet-type communication.

Introduction to this research theme: Policy-based Networking

Keywords: Network Virtualization, Segmentation, Paging, Network Address Translation, NAT, Extranet

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