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Prototype Development of A Network Control Mechanism That Satisfies Requests on User-level Communication Quality

Kanada, Y., IEICE Technical Committee on Information Networks (IN), 2009-5-21.

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Abstract: A mechanism for users to input a request on quality of experience (QoE) and for the network to satisfy the request. A QoE request is mapped to QoS, and it is satisfied by using admission control and network node configurations. By using a soft-state protocol for the request, service initiation, extension, and termination are handled in a unified method. Part of this mechanism has been built into a prototype, and tested using a network node with so-called hierarchical shaper and using video streaming, the mechanism has been confirmed to work in a designed way.

Introduction to this research theme: Policy-based Networking

Keywords: QoE Optimization, Quality of Experience, QoS Guarantee, Minimum Bandwidth Guarantee, Soft-state Protocol, Hierarchical Shaper

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