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Kanada, Y., 5th Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications (AICT 2009), May 2009, http://dx.doi.org/10.1109/aict.2009.16 [The presentation was canceled because of the new type of influenza.]

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Abstract: A method of admission control based on both resource requests by applications and class-based traffic mea-surement results was developed. In this method, a wide range of admission-control policy can be realized by adjusting three parameters, , , and . A policy-server prototype using this method and simulated voice traffic was used in traffic measurements. The measurements results show that the proposed method improves bandwidth usage and decreases call-blocking ratio while incurring low measurement load. Interesting but possibly harmful dynamics (i.e., system behavior) were observed by the simulations using traffic generated by an on/off model. That is, this admission-control method may cause oscillation or long-term evolution that lasts for 100 to 150 minutes, and it may also cause bandwidth “overshooting”. The range of parameters with which such effects can be properly suppressed and the admission control correctly works was experimentally obtained.

Introduction to this research theme: Policy-based Networking

Keywords: CAC, Admission Control, Traffic Measurement, QoS Guarantee, DiffServ, Differentiated Services, Network Dynamics

Kanada, Y., IEICE Technical Committee on Information Networks (IN), 2009-5-21.

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Abstract: A mechanism for users to input a request on quality of experience (QoE) and for the network to satisfy the request. A QoE request is mapped to QoS, and it is satisfied by using admission control and network node configurations. By using a soft-state protocol for the request, service initiation, extension, and termination are handled in a unified method. Part of this mechanism has been built into a prototype, and tested using a network node with so-called hierarchical shaper and using video streaming, the mechanism has been confirmed to work in a designed way.

Introduction to this research theme: Policy-based Networking

Keywords: QoE Optimization, Quality of Experience, QoS Guarantee, Minimum Bandwidth Guarantee, Soft-state Protocol, Hierarchical Shaper

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