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Diffserv Policies and Their Combinations in OpenView/JP1 PolicyXpert

Kanada, Y., and O'Keefe, B. J., Asia-Pacific Network Operations and Management Symposium 2001 (APNOMS 2001), September 2001, (poster paper, presentation cancelled)

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Abstract: Policies sometimes have to be combined and applied in cooperation to represent such programmable and customizable network functions as Diffserv. In the OpenView PolicyXpert and JP1/PolicyXpert policy servers, three types of policies and three types of virtual flow labels, to connect the policy rules, are defined for Diffserv. The combination of these policies allows the representation of complex Diffserv policies and the separation of service and subscriber policies. Diffserv policies and virtual flow labels make this possible. However, the careful design of Diffserv policies has enabled simple Diffserv policies to be represented in a simple form.

Introduction to this research theme: Policy-based Networking

Note: OpenView and PolicyXpert are trademarks of Hewlett Packard Company. JP1 is a trademark of Hitachi Ltd.

Keywords: Diffserv policy, Policy-based management, Component-based policy, Policy components, Policy combination, Published paper, QoS policy, Virtual flow label, General-purpose policy server

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