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Hob -- a fusion of job and hobby

As I wrote in a blog entry titled "Unifying hobby (play) and job" (sorry but currently available only in Japanese), the border between hobby (play) and job is not clear for me. This means, I do not know well how I should call it.

What I do in my company must be "jobs", but what is (should I call) what I do in my home. Recently, to avoid information leakage, they made it very hard to bring out computerized information from my company even if it is not a company secret. So I think it is not appropriate to call "job" what I do in my home without using secrets of my company. However, it is not appropriate to call it "hobby" either. Music is hobby for me, but technology and science on computers and networks are not on the same line as music. Today, an idea came to my head. I thought it was a good idea to call it "hob". This is a coined word that is a fusion of "job" and "hobby".

If there is no need to distinguish them, I can call what I do in my company "hob". If a distinction is necessary, I can call it "job" as before.



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