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3D Printing

3D printing library for parts assembling, deformation, and printing in Python

A Python library for parts assembling, deformation, and printing by a 3D printer is published in an opportunity of a presentation in a technical conference. Explanation of major functions are available.

The library itself is in draw3dp.py (updated on April 21, 2019). A usage example is in draw3dpExample.py (updated on July 5, 2019). This printed object is introduced by videos uploaded to YouTube: Printing a dish by helical 3D-printing method and Printing a sphere by helical 3D-printing method Detailed licence conditions are not yet examined, but the library is licensed by GPL v. 3. The example is for Rostock MAX, so it must be rewritten for other 3D printers.

Note that part of the design and printing method that is used in this library and that uses this library is patented by the author.



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Objects printed by using the new direction-specified design and printing technology are sold in Dasyn Yahoo! Japan shop.


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