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Self-organized 3D-printing Patterns Simulated by Cellular Automata

Kanada, Y., in Y. Suzuki and M. Hagiya, ed., Recent Advances in Natural Computing, 2016.
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3D printers are usually used for printing objects designed by 3D CAD exactly, i.e., deterministically.However, 3Dprinting process contains stochastic selforganization process that generate emergent patterns. A method for generating fully self-organized patterns using a fused depositionmodeling (FDM) 3D printer has been developed. Melted plastic filament is extruded constantly in this method; however, by using thismethod, various patterns, such as stripes, splitting and/or merging patterns, and meshes can be generated. A cellular-automata-based computational model that can simulate such patterns have also been developed.


研究テーマ紹介: 3D 造形技術

キーワード: 3D printing, Asynchronous cellular automata (CA), Randomness, Fluctuation, Fused deposition modeling (FDM)



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