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Natural-Direction-Consistent 3D-Design and Printing Methods

Kanada, Y., International Journal of Computer, Control, Quantum and Information Engineering, WASET, Vol. 9, No. 4, pp. 689-693, 2015.
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要旨: Objects are usually horizontally sliced when printed by 3D printers. Therefore, if an object to be printed, such as a collection of fibers, originally has natural direction in shape, the printed direction contradicts with the natural direction. By using proper tools, such as field-oriented 3D paint software, field-oriented solid modelers, field-based tool-path generation software, and non-horizontal FDM 3D printers, the natural direction can be modeled and objects can be printed in a direction that is consistent with the natural direction. This consistence results in embodiment of momentum or force in expressions of the printed object. To achieve this goal, several design and manufacturing problems, but not all, have been solved. An application of this method is (Japanese) 3D calligraphy.

これは 2013 年に開始した 3D 印刷に関する研究開発のポジション・ペーパであり,つぎのポスターのオンライン・ジャーナル版です: SFF 2013 のポスター

研究テーマ紹介: 3D 造形技術

キーワード: 3D printing, Three-dimensional printing, Solid free-form fabrication, SFF, Fused deposition modeling, FDM, Additive manufacturing



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