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3D-printing of Generative Art by using Combination and Deformation of Direction-specified 3D Parts

Kanada, Y., 4th International Conference on Additive Manufacturing and Bio-Manufacturing
(ICAM-BM 2014, Beijing)
, 2014-11.
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Abstract: Direction-specified 3D modeling and FDM-based printing methods enable expression of natural directions, such as hairs, fabric, or other directed textures, in modeled objects. This paper describes a method for creating various shapes of generative artistic objects with several specialized attributes by applying three new techniques to the direction-specified methods for better artistic expressions. The most important technique is “deformation”, which enables deforming simple 3D models to create varieties of shapes much more easily in generative design processes. The second technique is called the spiral/helical printing method, which enables consistent print-direction vector field, i.e., filament directions, of the surface consistent with those of the interior portion and enables seamless or less-seam printing results. The third technique controls light reflection while printing by using the spiral/helical printing method with transparent PLA. It enables the printed objects reflect light brilliantly. The proposed method with these three techniques was implemented as a Python library and evaluated by printing various shapes, and it is confirmed that this method works well and objects with attractive attributes can be created.


研究テーマ紹介: 3D 造形技術

キーワード: Fused deposition modeling, FDM, Direction-specified 3D printing, Direction-specified 3D modeling, Spiral/helical printing, Light reflection control, Generative art, Algorithmic design



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