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Developing Revolutionary 3D Design and Printing Methods

Kanada, Y., BIT’s 1st Annual International Congress of 3D Printing, Dalian, China, June 27-29, 2014.
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要旨 – Conventional 3D design methods design only the surface of 3D objects and conventional 3D printing methods only slice and print 3D objects horizontally. We in Dasyn.com develop new 3D design methods that enable designing real 3D objects including the internal structures and textures, and develop new 3D printing methods that enable printing patterns with non horizontal directions. The “real 3D design method” makes transparent objects and objects with holes much more realistic, and the non-horizontal 3D printing method enables naturally-directed objects such as 3D calligraphies. We also develops a naturally randomized or fluctuated 3D printing method. We seek partners who will develop applications of these methods.

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研究テーマ紹介: 3D 造形技術

キーワード: 3D 印刷, 3 次元印刷, Solid Free-form Fabrication, SFF, Fused deposition modeling, FDM



螺旋 3D 印刷技術を使用してつくったこのような「3D デザインランプ」を 3d-dl.com で売っています.


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