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A Method of Software-Hardware Integration for QoS Policy Combination in Gigabit Routers

Kanada, Y., and Yazaki, T., Communications Quality and Reliability 2002 (CQR 2002), pp. 12-16 2002.

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要約: In policy-based networks, two or more policies often have to cooperate because combined and customized network functions must be controlled using policies. Two types of policy trans-formation, policy fusion and policy division, are sometimes required to implement cooperating policy systems on high-performance hardware routers. Policy fusion transforms two or more policies into one, and policy division transforms a policy into two or more policies. These transformations causes a problem that the original policies must usually be strongly constrained to allow these transformations. This paper shows a method for resolving restrictions on the division of QoS policies by a software-hardware integration, i.e., by implementing virtual flow labels (flow IDs) in hardware and by dividing a policy and deploying the policies onto two filter blocks. We have developed a policy agent (PEP) and a gigabit router integrated by using this method. Both high-performance and flexibility are achieved by this integration.

研究テーマ紹介: ポリシーにもとづくネットワーキング

キーワード: QoSポリシー, QoS保証, サービス品質保証, ポリシーベース・ネットワーキング, ポリシーベース・ネットワーク, ポリシーベース管理, 部品化ポリシー, ポリシー部品化, ポリシー結合, ポリシー分割, ポリシー融合, ポリシー部品化, 仮想フローラベル



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