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Two Rule-based Building-block Architectures for Policy-based Network Control

Kanada, Y., 2nd International Working Conference on Active Networks (IWAN 2000), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, No. 1942, pp. 195-210, Springer, October 2000,

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要約: Policy-based networks can be customized by users by injecting programs called policies into the network nodes. So if general-purpose functions can be specified in a policy-based network, the network can be regarded as an active network in the wider sense. In a policy-based network, two or more policies must often cooperate to provide a high-level function or policy. To support such building-block policies, two architectures for modeling a set of policies have been developed: pipe-connection architecture and label-connection architecture. It is shown that rule-based building blocks are better for policy-based network control and that the label-connection architecture is currently better. However, the pipe-connection architecture is better in regards to parallelism, which is very important in network environments.

研究テーマ紹介: ポリシーにもとづくネットワーキング

キーワード: パイプ結合アーキテクチャ, ポリシー部品化, 部品化ポリシー, ポリシー結合, ラベル結合アーキテクチャ, ポリシーベース管理



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