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Open, High-level, and Portable Programming Environment for Network Processors

Kanada, Y., IEICE 7th Network Virtualization SIG, July 2013.
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Abstract: Network processors are used for high-performance programmable networks. However, programs for net- work processors are limited in portability and number of developers, so the development cost is high. To solve this problem, open, high-level, and portable programming language called “CSP” and a development environment called “+Net” have been developed. In this environment, high throughput can be obtained without programmers’ signifi- cant awareness of SRAM/DRAM distinction. A prototype using Cavium Octeon, a network processor, has been de- veloped, and it performs 7.5 Gbps or more in simple programs in an evaluation using part of the network virtualization platform.

Introduction to this research theme: Network virtualization

Keywords: Network processor, Programmability, Portability, SRAM, DRAM, Octeon, Network virtualization

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