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Kanada, Y., and Nakao, A., IEICE Technical Committee on Internet Architecture (IA), 2010-12-17.

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Abstract: The virtualization-node project at the National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) is developing 10-Gbps-class virtualization nodes (VNodes) that enables implementing non-IP protocols with any frame format using network-virtualization technology. In this project, because the VNodes have been introduced into the R & D test-bed network called JGN2plus, an important challenge is to improve usability for developers (JGN2plus users). There-fore, we developed and tested a non-IP protocol called IPEC (IP-Ether-Chimera) on the experimental network using the VNodes, described the procedure and experiments, and extracted the problems and knowhow concerning usability. A problem to solve is to develop methods for avoiding careless mistakes by developers, and an obtained knowledge is that a combination of a small-scale experiment using connected several Linux PCs and a scaled-up experiment on wide-area network reduced the complexity of the development. This experiment did not need wide bandwidth, but this method will enable scaling up the experiment utilizing 10-Gbps bandwidth relatively easier.

Introduction to this research theme: Policy-based Networking

Keywords: Network virtualization, Non-IP protocol, Virtualization node, Address learning
(C) Copyright 2007 by Yasusi Kanada
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