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The Functions and Implementation Method of "Thematic Mapping Search" in "Net-de-hyakka"

Kanada, Y., Yamazaki, M., Sawada, M., Hirano, Y., and Fujii, Y., 59th National Conference,3P-9, 1999, Information Processing Society of Japan (published by IPSJ)

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Abstract: In the member's only network called "Net-de-hyakka", a service called the thematic mapping search, in which results of encyclopedia text search is ordered along a geographical axis, is offered. In this search, the statements are searched and sorted by geographical names that occur in the text. A map of one of the geographical names can also be opened. The function and implementation method of this search are summarized here.

Introduction to this research theme: Axis-Specified Search (Thematic Search)

Keywords: Text search, Axis-specified search, Thematic geographical search, Geographical-axis search, Encyclopedia search, Net-de-hyakka, Thematic Mapping Search

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