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Web Pages That Reproduce Themselves by JavaScript

Kanada, Y., ACM SIGPLAN Notices, Vol. 32, No. 11, pp. 49-56, November, 1997.

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Abstract: A JavaScript program in a Web page can clear the page content including the program itself and generate new content. The program can generate exactly the same content including the program itself. This means that a Web page can reproduce itself by JavaScript program that is included in the page. Although exact reproduction is useless, inexact reproduction, which transform part of the content, is usable for more practical purpose. For example, Web pages that change its view from outline mode to detail mode by clicking a button in the page can be implemented using this method. This method can also applicable to other types of documents, such as SGML or XML, if the document may contain self-reproductive program. Another method for reproducing Web pages without reproducing programs is also mentioned. Reproductive Web pages partially but really work on Netscape Navigator.

Introduction to this research theme: Self-reproduction of Web pages

Keywords: Self-reproduction, Programming language, JavaScript

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