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iPhone -- too conservative to say "reinvent the phone"

I read that Steve Jobs used an expression "going to reinvent the phone" concerning iPhone in the Macworld San Francisco on January 9 this year. However, for me who intended to change the user interface of telephone drastically by a new medium called voiscape, iPhone seems to be much more conservative and it is not appropriate to use the expression "reinvent the phone".

What they are doing with iPhone is to introduce several new user interface technologies such as multi touching and to make the interface of conventional telephone a little bit more convenient. They made use of their (Apple's) good sense, so they have made a product that no other companies can mimic. However, it is not comparable to Graham Bell's invention of telephone, which created a completely new user interface that enabled conversation with a distant person. I do not say the interface of voiscape prototypes, which I have already developed, is the solution. However, I believe that a drastic innovation, which is different from that of iPhone, is necessary to "reinvent" telephone.

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