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October 16, 2006

Purpose of this blog

When I became a research scientist, I decided my research themes according to my preference. However, I moved again and again to various research areas according to the needs of my company and societies. Those themes do not seem to be related each other at a glance. However, there are common backgrounds or philosophies among them. In this blog, I will write such a relatively heavy topics that spread among two or more research themes. Initially, I intended to write such issues in my general blog, but I changed my mind to separate them. Relatively light topics on one research theme are described in the general blog. I also made a Japanese version of this blog. By the way, the research themes in my company are described, but I write them as a research scientist and my company has no concern to these descriptions.

October 18, 2006

The N queens problem


It is time consuming to solve the N queens problem (See the description below), as same as other constraint-satisfaction problems. Therefore, many methods are deviced to solve it faster. In my research, I often used this problem as an example too.

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Fusion of digital and analog

One of my research focus that is common to my several research themes is, in short, "fusion of digital and analog". There was so-called analog computer, but now it has become old fashioned. Nowadays, the word "computer" certainly means a digital computer. However, human senses are inherently analog, so I think computers should come close to analog senses for the sake of ease of use. It means that combination or fusion of good points of digital and analog is required. Although analog computers were dead, neural networks that replaced analog computers (?!) had some good points of analog things. Since I was stimulated by them, I thought of fusion of digital and analog very frequently.

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Software and hardware

This entry focuses on my hobby rather than research.

To be described.

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