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3D Printing

Repetier firmware for a AnyCubic Kossel 3D printer

AnyCubic Kossel is a cheap delta-type 3D printer. There are two versions, i.e., pulley and linear versions. You can buy a pulley-version printer, which is cheaper, at about $200 including shipping cost. It is easy to be assembled too. It comes with a pretty printed manual with a method of installing firmware; however, unfortunately, no firmware comes with the printer. I struggled with several types of downloaded firmware and finally the printer works well with Repeater firmware. I put the updated firmware file here.

DSCN0174part.jpgMarlin-based firmware seems to be often used for Kossel Mini, but Marlin has several weak points. It uses slower floating in calculation for Delta, and G2 and G3 commands are not supported for Delta-type printers. It is the best choice to use Repetier among various firmware including RepRap, although the reason is omitted here.

A file of Repeater firmware for linear version is available at Github, but an updated version of this firmware for pulley version did not work well. So, now I use an original Repetier 0.93 based version, which the patches were applied.

I could hardly adjust the height of the nozzle when x and y coordinates are not zero by using the program downloaded from Github by unknown reasons, but I could do it by using Repeater 0.93 based version. It was not easy to fix the problem that inputting home (M28) commands repeatedly causes hanging but finally found a set of parameters that fix the problem.

Most of updated configurations are included in Configure.h, but temperature error detection is disabled in Extrude.cpp. (Few temperature errors occur while using PLA filament, but, if a material such as polycarbonate that requires high temperature is used, temperature errors easily occur.) In the original program, if the temperature does not increase ten times while heated, the heater is switched off. However, because strong cooling causes such a condition, this switching-off mechanism is disabled in the updated firmware.

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loic bs:

are you happy with this printer and quality?i just to buy one and i am scared to struggling with software and configuration
sorry for my englsih


Will it be possible for you to make a tutorial how to setup the printer with this firmware? I keep getting low memory errors and seems is not working properly.


You have a correct display with your version? In particular the coordinates X and Y when the values are negative ...
And the SD player works well?


i use your repetier setup, but my anycube is the large model. So the adjustment of the height of the nozzle is wrong by zero, zero = 8,2 inch over the plattform. I donĀ“t know how to fix it.

Best regards


Ok, i found the parameter, z length


I tried this firmware on my Kossel printer, appears to install and work fine however I notice it doesn't accept G29-G32 or any bed leveling commands, unknown command is error in S3d after test. I'm going to assume this firmware is broken. Wish there was a working official one already configured for Kossel (and wasn't ancient to the point basic probe commands don't work).

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