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Kanada, Y., International Conference on Supercomputing '91, Albuquerque, 1991.

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Abstract: The conventional processing techniques for pipelined vector processors such as Cray-XMP, or SIMD parallel processors, such as CM-2 (connection machine), are generally applied only to independent multiple data processing. This paper describes a vector processing method of multiple processings including parallel rewriting of dynamic data structures with shared elements, and of multiple processings that may rewrite the same data element two or more times. This method is called the filtering-overwritten-label method (FOL). FOL enables vector processing of entering multiple data into a hash table, address calculation sorting, and many other algorithms that handle lists, trees, graphs and other types of symbolic data structures. FOL is applied to several symbolic processing algorithms; consequently, the performance is improved by a factor of ten on the Hitachi S-810.

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Introduction to this research theme: Logic/Symbolic Vector Processing

Keywords: Programming language processor, Vectorization of symbol processing, Vectorized symbol processing, Parallel symbol processing, Supercomputing, Super symbol processing, Parallel processing, Vector processing, Shared data vector processing

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