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Thematic Search (Axis-specified Search) Page

This page is a link collection on "Axis-searching", which has been developed at Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd. Papers on axis-searching and products that the axis-searching were applied are listed. Most pages linked from here, except the papers, are written in Japanese.

Note: This page was edited by the author personally.

1. Encyclopaedia on the Net (the World Encyclopaedia on the Internet)

Thematic chronological search and thematic place name search was serviced formerly by Hitachi Digital Heibonsha (HDH) and is serviced now by Hitachi Systems & Services, Ltd. The service on the Internet was closed in March 2004, but the service called "Encyclopaedia-on-the-Net for Library" is continued at the end of 2004. The developer of the axis search thanks the people in Hitachi Digital Heibonsha and Hitachi Systems & Services that have continued the service for more than five years after he left this job.

Encyclopaedia-on-the-Net Related Pages


2. Discoverry Navi -- A CD-ROM for Investigating Mypaedia

Most of the pages has been gone, but ASCII24's page is still available.

3. Technical Papers and Presentations

Papers on Information Extraction, Search and Organization

This link destination contains abstractions of and links to papers on the outline of axis-specified searching (English PDF version, Japanese PDF version) including quantity searching, thematic chronological-table searching (English PDF version, Japanese PDF version), thematic geographical searching (English PDF version, Japanese PDF version).

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